You walk through the entrance to the cave and hear a loud grumble. A frosty breeze tickles the side of your face and you soon realise this cave is not safe.

All around you are big six foot blood stained swords and weapons. Under your feet is a rock hard mouldy floor which stinks of rotting food as if someone had cracked millions of old eggs every where.

You keep walking further through the dark cold cave only to see human skeletons hanging by their skinless necks, you start to hear the grumble getting louder and louder until in the distance you see the biggest most smelly furry dog ahead of you... and it's hungry.

You try to run away from it , you look over your shoulder only to see the ground beneath you start to crumble into a bottomless pitch dark hole. ,face the dog and test your bravery or try to run across the disintigrating floor either pick up one of the giant weapons and try to butcher the dog to millions of bloody pieces or 2. you can stop and run away from the dog .

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Cave troll as corporate bully by kevindooley.
Cave troll as corporate bully by kevindooley.