Dragon Cave

You walk into the cave unaware of what’s ahead. There is a huge dip into the unknown. Underneath your feet is the left overs from the dragons lunch. There are squeaks from the rats eating the flesh of the dead bodies. The bones are green and rotting by the minute. There are two ways over.

One is the old wooden bridge and the other is the jagged boulders moving over the boiling lava sizzling in the light. Two of the four boulders wake the dragon but the others do not. There is a golden egg laid in lavender leaves . It opens a portal to the next cave but there is a sleeping dragon in your way. The dragon has got a deadly viper bite and its fire can travel for 2 miles!

You must choose the mouldy bridge that is not stable, or the boulders full of trickery.

Pick the wrong one and you will face the mighty wrath of the dragon which you would not like. What are you going to do the choice is yours. The only thing is the boulders may trick you and the bridge might collapse, not an easy task. The cave has a chill that travels down your spine spreading fear through your body. You may be nervous but you have to choose your decisions wisely or you will die and start the journey all over again.

1.You creep over the old wooden bridge
2.You decide the boulders are the right way