You see the entrance to the cave. You step closer to the entrance and a cold wind blows past your face and sends a cold shiver down your spine.

When you get into the cave it suddenly goes dark but you can see a dim light coming from the depths of the cave. You pull your sword out expecting something to attack you, minutes pass and there’s no attack even more disturbing there is no sound except from the water dripping from the roof of the cave. You hear a scream you turn to run out of the cave but you run straight in to a wall you are trapped and your only way out is to go deeper into the cave.

You start to walk into the depths of the cave. You hear a scream you stand your ground as something brushes past you. You swipe your sword at what ever touched you.
You then hear a pain filled cry. You run deeper into the cave praying the thing you have just sliced with your sword is not running after you. You come to the light all it’s is a lantern you go to step towards it but you get pushed over by the thing that you injured minutes a go. While you're on the ground it all goes dark, you realise that the lantern has fallen over. Two thoughts flash through your head. You have a choice

A) swing your sword desperately into the dark
or make a dash to the lantern which has fallen over.
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It's your choice:Sword or Lantern