You walk in and there is darknes all around. You have a match in your back pocket which only realeses a flicker of light but it will have to do. You walk on bearly seeing anything you come across noises, noises that you just cant quite put your finger on were it comes from or what it comes from, you feel curious so you walk on, as you walk you see shadows running across your match you get a little bit scared and then your match goes out you start to breath hard and you hear other people breathing your heart starts thumping as fast as a cheatah then.... the whole cave lights up with fire and cannibals run up to you shouting and bawling there must be about 150 of them and then they all stop it is all quiet then someone walks up to you it must be the leader of the clan. He is very big you probarly wouldn't stand a chance if you fight him so will have to try a find a different approach your options are

1.leg it to the exit
2.get a whistle out and blow it and make them run away because they hate the noise